On 17th May 2022 Biovision African Trust team represented by Alex Mutungi EOA-I Continental Secretariat Coordinator and Joseph Nyamesegere BvAT Monitoring & Evaluation Officer held a meeting with Dr. Mengesha Ayene, the President, Dr. Amare Mitiku, Administration & students affairs Vice President. Awol Seid-Academic Affairs Vice President of the Wollo University and Dr. Faris Hailu Research & Community Service Vice President of the Wollo University.

Wollo university president Dr. Mengesha Ayene, in his remarks underscored that the EOA-I Project is good, timely, and in line with the university’s goals. Noting that people are rich with indigenous knowledge which should be put in suitable formats for use by the value chain actors.

He categorically stated and promised that the university would lay down strategies that would ensure that the initiative is sustained even after the donor’s exit. They will do their best to support the implementation of the initiative

He thanked Biovision Africa trust for partnering with them and giving Wollo the opportunity to implement pillar one activities of research and applied knowledge. He promised that they will support the implementation of EOA-I project.

Wollo University